COVID-19 Statement

July 26, 2020

Dear TDC Family,

We are excited to welcome you back into the studio starting July 28th!

We are pleased to share that our Safer Studio™ plans have earned the support of the Killingworth Health Director which allows us to offer service continuity going forward. What does that mean? It means that the plans and precautions we have put into place support our ability to hold in-person classes with modifications.

The response to our planning and communication has been overwhelmingly positive and we will continue to offer our clients the highest level of communication regarding our safety policies and procedures.

During our 3-week summer sizzle session we are offering in-person classes with class sizes limited based on students’ ability to maintain at least 6 feet of physical distancing in the studio. We are also offering private lessons for those who are more comfortable in a one-on-one teacher and student class. Private lessons are available online and in-person.

We are continuing our efforts to support community health by offering a variety of ways for students to continue to dance safely. We are excited to announce that our fall class schedule will offer students the chance to dance in-person or take their class online.  We will be testing our technology for this over the remainder of the summer months to be sure we have the best possible online class experience to offer our dances.  

Health is not just about avoiding sickness. It’s also about building strong bodies, minds, and hearts – something that happens in each and every class at TDC!

Thank you TDC Family, for working together to minimize risk, keep our staff and students safe, and keep our studio operational. We continue to follow the highest standards of care and ask you to do the same. For a full list of our re-opening procedures please CLICK HERE.

Thank you again for your support! We appreciate our TDC family every day and we can’t wait to see you this week!

In Partnership,

Miss Carrie & Team