COVID-19 Statement

March 19, 2022

Dear TDC Families,

We are proud to continue to offer consistent weekly class experiences that support the physical, social-emotional, and mental health of our staff and students. Since reopening in July of 2020 we have made all necessary adaptations to our programs, following local, national, and industry guidance in order to support a Safer Studio™ learning environment.  

On February 28th, we transitioned to a policy of mask recommendation for students. Over the past 3 weeks we have seen so many SMILES and have not seen any uptick in Covid cases or transmission inside our studio.  Additionally, we have not seen any surge in covid cases in our region.

Starting on Monday, March 21st we will adopt a mask recommendation policy for our faculty and staff. I would like to highlight that we are encouraging and supporting masking for all individuals who choose to do so.

Our lobby is open to parents and visitors, but we thank you for helping us eliminate unnecessary bodies in the building when possible, and additionally, we ask that all parents and adult visitors continue to wear a mask while inside our lobbies or classrooms.

*Our Safer Studio™ plan is constantly being evaluated based on a variety of inputs, including local and national sources, as well as industry and studio data, and we are committed to keeping our families informed of policy updates as they are made. Measures such as hand hygiene and the use of separate entrances/exits remain in place, and our studios will remain tech-enabled indefinitely as each of our families adjusts to this change in their own way and at their own time.  

As a private small business, we reserve the right to change this policy at any time and will be constantly monitoring the always evolving pandemic situation.

We continue to encourage the same community spirit which you have shown since the very beginning, which has been so inspiring and uplifting to me, our staff, and our community. YOU are truly what make us More Than Just Great Dancing!® 

As always I welcome your questions and concerns. Thank you for your continued support!

In Partnership,

Miss Carrie and The Dance Corner Team