The Recital: What Is It and Why Is It Important?

You’ve heard us talking about it. You’ve seen it mentioned on our website and in our emails. You know there’s a lot of excitement around it … but what exactly IS the recital?

Just as soccer players have tournaments, football players have games, and gymnasts have meets, dancers have performances! More than a year’s worth of planning goes into our annual performance at The Dance Corner—better known to most people as “the recital.”

The recital is a memorable opportunity for our students to showcase their talents onstage. From learning the first eight-count of choreography in class to the final bow onstage, the recital is definitely one of the highlights of a dancer’s year!

Consider this blog post your “recital primer,” where we break down a few key elements of what to expect these next few months—and why it’s all so important.

  • Choreography
    Each class learns a particular routine to perform at the recital. The choreography is the series of steps, patterns, and formations the teacher creates for each unique routine. Your dancer will be learning and practicing this choreography during class time leading up to the recital. This repetition allows our students to grow their confidence as well as their skills.
  • Costumes, Hair, and Makeup
    Because dance is a performing art, this is where the “performance” aspect truly comes together! As you’ve seen, each class will have a costume to wear onstage for their routine. Instructions regarding their hairstyle and stage makeup can be found in our Recital Handbook. These three things are the finishing touches that complete a performer’s look!
  • Stage Rehearsal
    Prior to the recital, each class will have the chance to participate in our stage rehearsal. The stage rehearsal is almost like the recital itself, except it’s just for practice and we don’t wear costumes. It allows dancers to find adjust to performing on the stage and become familiar with their new surroundings.
  • Performance
    This is it! After all the preparation and practice, this is each dancer’s moment in the spotlight in front of their family and friends. The buildup of excitement is huge. It’s like when an athlete performs at the Olympics … our students perform at the recital!

We understand that the thought of choreography, costumes, rehearsals, and being onstage in can be intimidating at first, so we’re here to show you what an awesome experience this journey can be. Stay tuned here to the blog for more valuable insight as we approach the big day!